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Denver Dog Works – Dr. Robert Forto


Robert Forto and his wife Michele are the team behind Denver Dog Works, a canine training center located in Denver, Colorado.   Doctor Forto reviewed the film and invited Kyle and I to appear on his program, The Dog Doctor Radio Show.

The Dog Doctor Radio Show and Mush! You Huskies is hosted by well respected canine behaviorist, Dr. Robert Forto.  Dr. Forto is training for his first Iditarod and is the training director for Dog Works Training Centers.


Michele Carlo – performance artist & author

Michele is an accomplished performer who is active in the downtown New York art scene.  Her family archive is full of great photos of old New York and she provided the shot of pigeons on a roof.  Look for her book, “Fish Out of Agua” in bookstores.


Some of the great music in the film is thanks to:


Decon Records – A special thanks to Jay Wren for licensing the track Dogs by the hip-hop ensemble Haiku D’Etat.  Decon Records released Haiku D’Etat’s Coup de Theatre in 2004.   Since then, they have released numerous records including The Death of Adam,  Executive Produced by Kanye West, and licensed RJD2’s “A Beautiful Mine” as the theme song for the AMC show Mad Men.



My pal Chris Brokaw licensed two tracks for the film, an instrumental version of  “My Idea” (from the album Incredible Love)  and the Blind Arthur Blake blues “Guitar Chimes” from the recent release The Angel’s Message To Me.

Chris’s latest venture is the group Dirtmusic, currently touring in Europe.


A special thanks to autoharp maestro Bryan Bowers for performing the Tom Dundee crowd-pleaser DOG,

and to bluesman  who plays some killer harp on the track  “Sundown” from his album, “Everything Changes”.

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