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He’s not afraid to jump into the middle of a dog fight to bring order from chaos.  He runs through brambles, streams, and over rock-faces training his dogs in Search & Rescue techniques, because as Kyle Warren himself will tell you:  “If I can teach my dogs something that can save lives, I can’t think of a better way to spend my time.” 
Join Kyle as he takes you into his world of dogs and discover why some people call him the Dog Man of Ulster County, NY, in this home-spun portrait of an American original.

Written, filmed, edited & directed by Nicholas Goodman

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Kyle in Field & Stream


The Survival Issue, Feb. 2009

This is Kyle in full Search & Rescue (SAR) gear, posing with his two working-line German Shepherds Maya and Quax.  Maya is a certified trailing dog by the NY State Federation of Search & Rescue and Quax is certified for live find and cadaver area search by NYSAR.  (click on the image for a detailed look)


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